Founded in 1960, and operating in technical collaboration with Takeda Chemical Industries, Helix Pharma has evolved from a conventional pharmaceutical company that relied heavily on traditional business methodologies and traditional ways of competing to a company that is customers focused and believes in developing successful relationships with research oriented pharmaceutical companies, technology firms, academic and healthcare institutions, physicians and patients.

The depth and diversity of our product range targets diseases spread over a wide therapeutic spectrum addressing patient management from preventive medicine to critical stage disease treatment. Combining our strength with that of our partners whose global presence and research infrastructure is more pronounced than our own we intend to harness technology and talent that transcends our internally available resources. By doing so we have managed to develop products that have subsequently received an overwhelming response from our clients adding value not only to our own business but to that of our partners and suppliers.

The added confidence resulting from our success has given us rights and further access to markets abroad with over hundred products includes vaccines, immunoglobulins, cytokines, hormones, anti-infectives, anti-virals, analgesics, anti-histamines, cerebrovascular agents, gastrointerstinal agents, vitamins, anti-hypertensives, psycotropics, anti-rheumatics, broadly distributed across therapeutic categories such as Gastroenterology, Gyneacology, Oncology, cardiovasuclar, Psychotherapy, Orthopedics, Ophthalmics, Nephrology and Urology.

While we continue to strive to acquire new and advanced therapies we intend to extend our presence by developing alliances with distributors in developing markets who share our vision and objectives. Upholding our current philosophy of reaching out to meet the need of our consumers strictly on the principles of uncompromising ethical standards, we have stepped into the new millennium gathering force as we form new partnerships and continue to build on the older ones, thrusting new ideas and innovative concepts, all geared towards drastically improving the quality of human life.

Helix Pharma (Private) Limited

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